McCartan Show Cattle is operated near Havelock, IA. The main focus of our program is to raise club calves that can compete on all levels, yet remain functional, easy feeding animals. Our herd consists of Maine-Anjou, Simmental, and Angus based females.

   In 2009 we began the 'Usual Suspects' sale in collaboration with BS Show Cattle and Golden Acres Simmentals. In 2011 we were added as a stop on the 'Pro Tour' in Northwest Iowa. This opportunity has allowed us to expand our sales nationwide, as well as into Canada.

   We have built several friendships over the past years, and we thank those repeat customers for their dedication to our program. Whether you are looking to win your local county fair, or compete at the state or national level, be sure to give us a look. Feel free to stop by or contact us at anytime with inquiries.